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Thu 10 Mar 2016

At Mt Gravatt Hawks FC we value our volunteers, they are the lifeblood of the club’s survival.

We are very proud of the work our volunteers do and it's one of the reasons we are such a successful family orientated club.

Year in year out more and more demands are made of our volunteers and whilst we are always looking to increase our volunteer workforce so that all tasks are manageable and volunteers remain enthused and engaged with the role they play the increasingly busy life pressures on society make it more and more difficult for us all to help out in these roles.

Volunteering can feel like a big step to take - "but I don't know anything about soccer/football?", "I can't commit to anything on a regular basis" - we hear these comments a lot and we can fully empathise with them. 
BUT what happens if no one is able to volunteer? What happens to our club? How do our kids enjoy the sport they love? AND how will it all happen?
At our club we believe everyone can volunteer in either a big or a small way - in combination we can all make an enormous difference to our club, and to what you, your family or a member of your family will get out of being a Hawk!

As you have heard us say a million times before Mt Gravatt Hawks FC is totally run by volunteers and we are always in need of more. Whether you are able to help out once in a while or on a more regular basis we would love to know what area you may be interested in contributing to. The more who volunteer the less work there is for everyone!
Benefits of volunteering
  - The club can't function without you, the volunteer.
  - You can help new participants understand the game.
  - You can develop new skills.

  - It's your opportunity to stay involved in the game.
  - You'll be part of a great team.
  - You can help the club be the club it wants to be.
  - Your skills can help the club develop – it is not just knowledge of the game.
  - Volunteering is a rewarding experience.
  - You can keep the soccer/football community alive.

  - You can be part of something bigger.
  - You’ll feel good about doing something worthwhile.
  - You don't have to give up lots of your time; just a small amount will help.

For more information please speak to the Junior or Senior Chairs, Coaches or any of our existing volunteers for more information on the roles that are available.

So why do we need volunteers, why are we so protective of them and why don't we just employ people to run the club?

The answer to these questions lies in amount of your registration fee and match day fees and what they cover.

As we all know our registration fees range from $190 for Under 6 and 7, to $315 for Under 8 to Under 16 and $520 for our Senior teams.

The registration fees cover the following:-

Registration with Football Brisbane, Football QLD & Football Federation of Australia
Basic Player Insurance cover for all players
Maintenance and purchasing of coaching/playing equipment (cones, bibs, portable goals, ladders, pump, line marking machine, nets, corner posts, whistles, linesman flags) 
Facilities:- including use of floodlights for training and/or night games and maintenance of the grounds and surrounds of the club
Buildings and contents insurance
Council fees (water, sewerage, electricity)
Maintenance of Club Facilities
Maintenance and upgrade of Equipment in Canteens and Bar
Weekly Line Marking
Yearly Maintenance of fields including returfing, fertilizing and aerating fields

And so why do we pay match fees?

The match fees are a way of reducing the original outlay of registration costs to our club's players and families whilst also covering the following:-

- Referee Fees
- Linesmen Fees (in Under 12 and older teams)
- Operational running of the club including utilities 
- Day to day maintenance and repairs

Not everyone is able to or willing to volunteer, but next time when things maybe don’t go to plan, just remember that the person you are emailing, phoning or talking to is a volunteer and please respect the fact that they are doing the best they can!



This website is usually updated by 4pm on training days and 7:30am on game days regarding whether the fields are open or closed. The FIELD STATUS box on the top left hand side of the website will advise if fields are open or closed for training and games. If unexpected wet weather occurs after 4pm, training may still be cancelled.



With over 800 registered participants Mt Gravatt Hawks Soccer Club is offering local businesses the opportunity to sponsor the club with Sponsorship Packages for 2018 and beyond.


For further details regarding Sponsorships and Merchandising click here and please contact Lisa Mifsud - email sponsorships@mtgravatthawks.org





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