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Thu 18 Aug 2016

Mt Gravatt Hawks FC is pleased to announce that it as a result of an exhaustive review of our current Junior Development Program that it is launching the Mt Gravatt Hawks Coaching Curriculum.  One of the key findings of the review was the need to ensure that coaching was age specific and that programs need to cater for players that are late developers as well as those identified as early developers.  More specifically, the review identifies the need for Mt Gravatt Hawks FC to be innovative and to be a leader in junior player development to differentiate it from other clubs.

How should Mt Gravatt Hawks play football? What skills and style best suit our club and our players?  These are fundamental questions that should engage the minds of everyone involved in the game in the club including coaches, managers, parents and players.

The Mt Gravatt Hawks FC Coaching Curriculum not only provides answers, but explains the philosophy behind how we should play and illustrates a practical approach that brings the thinking to life in training and matches.

The first key objective is to get as many local kids as possible enthused about playing football from a young age.  Ideally this motivation can be maintained for life, and players and their parents fall in love with football.  A fascination for football awoken in our youngsters is the best way to assure football's future.  Young players can stay connected to the sport by being an active player, but also in other ways (e.g. coach, manager, club administrator, referee or as a football-enthused parent who infects the next generation with the "football bug").   Secondly, Mt Gravatt Hawks FC has in recent times produced some outstanding performances on the world stage with players such as Matt Mackay, Jade North, Nathan Coe, Jon McKain, Katrina Gorry and Laura Alleway all having played for Australia and having been products of Mt Gravatt Hawks' junior development.

In developing this Coaching Curriculum, whilst we have based it firmly on Football Federation Australia's (FFA) National Curriculum we have also investigated and reviewed curriculum for other countries as well as other sports.  A key theme to this Coaching Curriculum is to be innovative and be considered as a leader in terms of our training methods. 

The key objective is to provide programs that run all year round ensuring there is an ongoing continuum.  Small-Sided Football is a central theme to the FFA National Curriculum and with this in mind, the Mt Gravatt Hawks' Coaching Curriculum see significant benefit in the concept of small-sided games as it encourages greater engagement in the game, more touches of the ball, played over shorter distances and requires fast decision making.  Futsal is a fast-paced small-sided football game that is often played indoors, it is a game all on its own, and it is also very complementary of the larger 11-aside game.  There are many benefits to playing the 5-aside matches, both technically and mentally.  When you consider that the world's best football teams (Brazil 5 World Cups) and players such as Pele, Ronaldo, Messi and Kaka to name a few have all come from playing Futsal in their development years; the Mt Gravatt Hawks Coaching Curriculum incorporates Futsal as an integral component in developing our junior players.

Having this Coaching Curriculum available for all the coaches throughout the club is a key part of Mt Gravatt Hawks' Strategic Plan to ensure that Mt Gravatt is once again one of the largest and most popular clubs in Brisbane.


  • Parent consultation will be undertaken with briefing sessions for parents in all age groups to ensure that there is a broad understanding of the Mt Gravatt Coaching Curriculum and to ensure all parents are aware of what the benefits to their player and the implementation of age specific training.
  • Coaches will be developed (minimum qualifications will be implemented) to ensure that they are familiar with the Mt Gravatt Hawks Coaching Curriculum and that they are implementing the curriculum. Coaches will have the most up to date training methods, and will be educated on methods used overseas to have the ability to create a superior training program that will develop our players of any level to become better each and every time they train.
  • A Technical Director similar to the model that exists at NPL Clubs will be appointed to oversee the implementation of the curriculum.
  • A full year round program will be launched to ensure that our players are developing all year round; this will be staged over the next 3 years with this year seeing the U10-U18 age groups involved.  The program will integrate Football (winter) and Futsal (summer) to ensure that our players have the best development opportunities available.
  • Development programs will be launched to ensure that Mt Gravatt Hawks continues to be an inclusive club and all levels of player ability will be catered for to ensure all players have equitable access to development programs and opportunities

We want you, our members to be part of this next generation of players that will join the ranks of Socceroos and Matildas as the Mt Gravatt Hawks leads the way with innovative programs - JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!!

For more information or to be involved, email juniors@mtgravatthawks.org



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