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Leader in Junior Player Development

Mt Gravatt Hawks FC has a proud history of developing young players into the best footballers they can possibly be while also teaching important life skills to be the best community members they can possibly be as well.

With the likes of Matt McKay (Brisbane Roar/Socceroos), Jade North (Brisbane Roar/Socceroos, Nathan Coe (Melbourne Victory) and Katrina Gorry (Brisbane Roar/Matildas) having graduated from Mt Gravatt Hawks development programs in the past Mt Gravatt Hawks FC intends to continue this proud history.

Mt Gravatt Hawks FC has returned to its once renowned philosophy of Junior Player Development with the aspiration of becoming a recognised leader once again.

To do this Mt Gravatt Hawks FC has established a comprehensive Junior Development Program (JDP) that will enable our young footballers to develop and reach their full potential regardless of what level that potential may be.

In doing so Mt Gravatt Hawks FC has made a commitment to ensure our players have access to the best possible coaching through our team of independent and qualified Head Coaches (a Head Coach is being appointed to each age group) and our Technical Department which includes professionally qualified Technical Director and Director of Coaching who will oversee all players and coaches to ensure Mt Gravatt follows a proven development curriculum similar to the FFA National Curriculum and to ensure all coaches at Mt Gravatt are committed to individual and team player development at all levels.

In 2017, the club will continue its implementation of its Junior Development Program (JDP) which covers all ages 3 to 16 years.

JDP Structure

Mt Gravatt Hawks FC implementation of the Junior Development Program will be done in the following ways:

  • MiniRoos program for players aged 6-11 years; and
  • Junior Football program for players aged 12-16 years.

All programs will come under the umbrella of the Club's Junior Development Program which is coordinated and managed by the Club's Technical Director.

In addition to the above our U16 players are considered to be part of the Club’s Senior/Youth Development Program and as such we have established a model to transition players from junior level football to youth and then onto playing senior level competitions in our Capital or City league teams. 

The JDP comprises of a number of structured programs that run throughout the year.  JDP initiatives include:

MiniRoos Development Program (U8 – U12)

Full field Juniors will not be the only teams in the club to have a structured development program, MiniRoos players will be developed in line with the curriculum as well.  This program will be based around FFA’s Player Actions (Positioning, First Touch, Running with the ball, 1v1, Striking the ball and Communicating).  All MiniRoos coaches will be familiar with the techniques and skills required for these age groups. The MiniRoos program will also include the rotation of every player throughout different positions to ensure that they experience all aspects of the game.

Junior Development Program (U13 – U16)

Our Structured development will be run by our accredited semi-professional coaches in line with the curriculum and will begin to focus on the importance of full field tactics and the team as a whole as opposed to individual player technique. These coaches and the players are lucky to also be supported by a committed Technical Director, Director of Coaching as well as ample equipment required to run a successful training session.

Youth Transition Program (transitioning players to Senior Football)

Another big leap for players is the transition into senior football, and at Mt Gravatt we have brought a system in place to reduce this stepping stone for players.  Firstly we encourage our U16 players to play Youth – this means that they are able to play in the Youth Team or any of the other Senior Teams if required.  In addition, U16 players will train with the Youth Team throughout the year so the younger players will have a taste of senior football prior to being a full time senior player.

Junior Skills Development Clinic

In 2017 Mt Gravatt Hawks FC is running a Junior Skills Development Clinic during the season.  This program is run by qualified coaches who take on small groups of players who wish to advance their skills either to better their skills or to take themselves to that next level.  The program will be compulsory to all players in our top-level teams from U8-13 (Komodo, SYL and Div 1) to ensure a high standard of players in our top teams at all times.  The program is also open to all players of any age and level to enhance their skills to assist with making top teams in the future. The clinic will be run one night a week at the club’s home ground of Dittmer Park.

Goalkeeping Training

Goalkeeping is a unique position in the game of soccer and requires specialised training to develop the goalkeeping skills, self confidence and toughness to be the team’s last line of defence and first point of attack.

To be effective in the position, goalkeepers need to be well trained technically and tactically to integrate into the team’s defence.

Mt Gravatt Hawks FC objective is to raise the level of play and understanding of every goalkeeper.  All goalkeepers will receive training in the mental and tactical aspects of the position.  Meanwhile, the emphasis will be on decision-making and organisation of the defence. Its programs are carefully and uniquely designed to be progressive based upon the age, ability and experience of the individual goalkeeper.

Summer Development Program

During the summer months, many players are stagnant either competing in a different sport, a similar social sport or not participating in any sport altogether.  Mt Gravatt Hawks FC however offers a development program focused on the small sided version of football, Futsal. The program which is run by the club Technical Director employs professional futsal coaches who supply meaningful development training based on futsal with a game each week in a Futsal Premier league to allow for real gameplay and game scenarios to ensure continual player development throughout the off season and to prepare players for trials and grading for teams the following season.

Specialist Training Programs

Our Head Coaches and Technical Director are available for One on One Training, including Individual skill training, Technique perfection & Specialist Training - Attacking Technique and Defending Technique.  For more information please email juniors@mtgravatthawks.org for more information.

Jinga Futebol (3-8 years)

As part of the aforementioned JDP program Mt Gravatt Hawks FC is proud to announce that it has formed a partnership with Jinga Futebol who will be delivering player development programs for players aged 3-8 years.

Jinga Futebol is an exciting new footballing experience.  It is football with a distinctive South American flavour.  The program in keeping with Hawks FC original program, designed to make Football affordable.

Jinga Futebol is an exciting new approach to Football and it is revolutionising the way that Football is coached and played!!

For more information, visit www.jingafutebol.com

Coaching at Mt Gravatt Hawks FC

As part of our commitment to once again becoming a leader in Junior Player Development Mt Gravatt FC has stringent policies in place for our coaches. First and foremost Mt Gravatt Hawks FC are committed to ensuring that our entire Technical Department including all Head Coaches are all entirely independent, professional and qualified.  All coaches will be required to coach in line with the Mt Gravatt Hawks FC coaching curriculum including following the clubs preferred vision and philosophy for our style of play. All coaching positions are made vacant at the end of each season with all coaches being required to re-interview for their role if they wish to reapply, this not only ensures there is no bias but also works in favour of our policy of no coach being with the same team for more than 2 consecutive seasons allowing players to experience different coaching styles.

For our lower level and less qualified coaches we also offer the following.

Coach Development Program

Mt Gravatt Hawks Soccer Club intends to return to being a recognised leader in Coach Development.

Mt Gravatt Hawks Soccer Club has embarked an on endeavour to establish a comprehensive Junior Coach Development Program (CDP) to enable individuals to take on the role of a Junior Coach.

As part our the CDP, Mt Gravatt ensure a minimum level of qualification:

  • Coaches of MiniRoos Development Program have a minimum Junior License.
  • Coaches of Junior Development Program have a minimum Youth License.

Mt Gravatt funds the Junior Licence of all coaches and will cover 50% of the cost of a Youth or higher licence upon the coach obtaining a pass.

Regular coaching meetings and courses are to be held to update coaching knowledge and assist in areas where coaches may be struggling or don’t fully understand.  We intend to establish a fraternity of coaches who will support and assist each other where possible and give all coaches access to a library of information on the curriculum and relevant drills, training sessions and tactics.  

We also run a coach mentoring system whereby we bring in specialist people such as sprint coaches, sports medicine and other sports people to run a session with coaches and provide them with greater knowledge. These events are run on a regular basis with a minimum of 4 sessions per season.


Through the funding if it’s JDP, Mt Gravatt has acquired a wealth of resources with respect to training aids. Available to all coaches is a number of training aids including:

  • Portable Goals
  • Agility Poles
  • Ladders
  • Hurdles
  • Rebounders
  • Defence Walls
  • Cones and markers
  • Hoops

We are also planning the implementation of gym equipment. We have funds put aside and we are currently seeking to move our equipment shed so that we can use the current space to implement a gymnasium.  

Human Resources

In terms of human resources, we have outlined the coaches that have been secured to 2017. There are a number of other people heavily involved in our junior football program including Junior Directors that are responsible for the operational aspects of the Juniors this includes the Technical Director whose primary focus is on Player Development and the Director of Coaching who’s role is to focus on development of our coaches.

Furthermore, Mt Gravatt has a very progressive and supportive Board of Directors which are highly motivated towards the development of Junior Football and supportive of the arrangements being implemented.

For further information regarding JDP, please contact juniors@mtgravatthawks.org



Did you know that Mt Gravatt Hawks has Men, Women and Junior sections.

Our Juniors includes:

  • JINGA Futebol (U3-U8)
  • MiniRoos (U8-U11)
  • Junior (U12-U16) Programs.  

Our Junior Football Programs include both boys and girls teams.

The Men's Football contest Brisbane's prestigious Capital League 1 competition in 2019.

We will also field City League teams as well as an O'35 team.

The Women compete in the Women Capital League 2 competition.

The Juniors have over 400 registered players playing in competitions from U3 to U16.



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